Tuesday, January 08, 2013

My Favorite moments in Turkey trip

No.1: Up in the air

Taken in a hot airballoon ride over the land of Cappadocia at dawn.
I was excited of seeing such scene, not because of the bird-eye view, cos the morning haze soaking up the atmosphere here. 
I was wishing I could see such magnificent scene in my last Italy trip, I wokeup early and begging for it, however I couldn't see it lastly, it never ceased to amaze me though!

This time, we woke up at 4am and took the shuttle Van to the gathering point. We started the ride at 5:30am when the sun is ready to rise. We flew up to 1000 feet high and right above the morning haze, the land seems like to be covered with a soft gauze, the land and sky are blended well by the mist!
I was really excited and unbelievable I could see this.

No.2: Golden Cotton

Another enchanting moment taken in Pamukkale (Cotton Castle) at sunset. The sun glimpsed from the cloud, shining above the flatland. 

No.3: Sky runway

It is unbelievable that I see such a breathtaking scene in Turkey, while we were on the way to Ankara.
It is the salt lake and its size is as large as the whole HongKong area. And the perfect weather gave us the chance to see such clear reflection, endless horizon and bluesky. All these make me thinking of the salt lake in Bolivia, known as "Mirror of sky". 

It is the "bonus" of the trip, that I didnt expected.
Life is full of surprises, also a journey of discovery!!

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