Thursday, November 24, 2011

::Website//Travel map illustration::

BBC travel feature a website:
Besides shooting photos, many of us like drawing picture in the trip.
Artists can share their illustration here, all of them a fabulous!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

::Photo-a-day//travel:: [My first lonely planet - Lucca]

Piazza della Anfiteatro
Piazza della Anfiteatro
"The Piazza della Anfiteatro is a large circular piazza located in the north central region of Lucca.  It was once the site an ancient Roman Amphitheatre where gladiators and beasts engaged in mortal combat.  Today, the piazza is a popular tourist destination featuring outdoor restaurants and cafes."

More about  Piazza della Anfiteatro

It is the first place for me to start my Lonely Planet-journey.
After said goodbye to my friend in Pisa airport, I took the train to Lucca.
Actually I was not planning to go Lucca that day, but I found Florence is boring to me and wanna see somethings new, so I chose Lucca.
It is close to Pisa, however far from my hostel, and it was 6pm when I arrived there, so I only got 2-3 hours spent here. Not enough for me but it is fine.

It is a small town, with a city wall outside. The residents here go around by a bike or by foot, and they like to run along the path inside the citywall paved with the tree, it is a very pleasant town.

I will post more photos of Lucca in coming days, and my travelogue~

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Cinque Terre photographs on Italianfix

My Cinque Terre travel photographs were uploaded to flickr last month, and sadly a torrent of rain came down and flood through the town, causing death and lost on 25 th OCT.
Italianfix blog master contact me through flickr message, she wanna post some of my photographs in the blog, and share experience/connection/relationship to the area. Sure, it is my pleasure to share my moment in Cinque Terre.
Here is the passage about my phorographs:

Thanks Bianca :D


Watching Aurora is one of my targets in my must-do list. I don't think I can achieve it easily before I listen to a ITA radio programme :
3/11第333集 國際自由行:極光中的阿拉斯加

They said there is high chance to watch northern light in Fairbanks, it happens 240days a year - a shocking news to me!!!!!!!!!!!!
Secondly, I found that a HK guy went to Alaska for watching aurora in a very low budget, around HK$11K for 15days. I can't believe this. Anyway I will target it below 25K for 10-12 days.

But I am struggling about the transportation, not sure if it is impossible that I don't have a driving license.

The hit period of northern light is from SEPT to MAR, and within these 3 years, and so I am considering to add it to my list.
2012 May: USA with family
2013 Mar: Morocco
2014 Sept: Alaska
2015 Dec: Italy/Germany

And there is a awesome video taking the Aurora in the Universe:
Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS

More info:
The hit period:
2011年 - 1/3~11/3、27/3~9/4、20/9~3/10、19/10~2/11
2012年 - 15/3~28/3、13/4~26/4、8/9~22/9、8/10~22/10
2013年 - 4/3~18/3、3/4~16/4、1/9~11/9、27/9~11/10
2014年 - 23/3~6/4、22/4~5/5、16/9~30/9、16/10~30/10


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

::Photo-a-day//travel:: [Silent night in Pisa]

[Taken in Pisa, Italy @ 20/6/2011]

I got stuck with the train at Pisa that night, at around 2am.
 I have to wait for the next train to Firenze till 4am.
And so I spent 2hrs, wandering around Pisa alone for my first visit.
It is an unexpected but joyful journey.
I was standing aside the river,
feeling the breeze,
capturing a photo of warm street light under the cool moon-light.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

::Photo-a-day//travel:: [My first sunrise in Pienza]

[Taken in Pienza, Tuscany, Italy @ 17/6/2011]
Slept 4 hours last night for waking up early to see the sunrise of Tuscany.
I won't miss any chances to explore various perspectives of Tuscany.
It didn't disappointed me, sunrise here is so fantatsic!!!
The sun goes up, and the hills were rimmed gradually.
The sun...
shading the hills, up and down
casting the trees, bright and dark
awake the birds, fly and sing
Giving me, joy and fun.

Friday, November 11, 2011

::Photo-a-day//travel:: [Few hours in Siena]

[Taken in Siena, Tuscany, Italy @ 16/6/2011]

I only spent few hours here, because I have to go to Pienza and have a bus transit in siena.
Siena is a great place, so it doesn't enough for me.
I should make it for 2 days next time if my time and $$ are available!! heheee

Thursday, November 10, 2011

::Photo-a-day//travel:: [My last day of the euro trip 2011]

[Taken in a cafe nearby Michelangelo Piazza, Firenze, Tuscany, Italy @ 20/6/2011]

Sadly come to the last day of my trip,
I spent a couple of hrs here,
drinking my fav drink - spritz,
watching my last sunset in this trip.

And these two birds sat aside me, sharing my chips,
and talking with me.

Thanks for the sharing my lonely time. :D