Thursday, November 17, 2011


Watching Aurora is one of my targets in my must-do list. I don't think I can achieve it easily before I listen to a ITA radio programme :
3/11第333集 國際自由行:極光中的阿拉斯加

They said there is high chance to watch northern light in Fairbanks, it happens 240days a year - a shocking news to me!!!!!!!!!!!!
Secondly, I found that a HK guy went to Alaska for watching aurora in a very low budget, around HK$11K for 15days. I can't believe this. Anyway I will target it below 25K for 10-12 days.

But I am struggling about the transportation, not sure if it is impossible that I don't have a driving license.

The hit period of northern light is from SEPT to MAR, and within these 3 years, and so I am considering to add it to my list.
2012 May: USA with family
2013 Mar: Morocco
2014 Sept: Alaska
2015 Dec: Italy/Germany

And there is a awesome video taking the Aurora in the Universe:
Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS

More info:
The hit period:
2011年 - 1/3~11/3、27/3~9/4、20/9~3/10、19/10~2/11
2012年 - 15/3~28/3、13/4~26/4、8/9~22/9、8/10~22/10
2013年 - 4/3~18/3、3/4~16/4、1/9~11/9、27/9~11/10
2014年 - 23/3~6/4、22/4~5/5、16/9~30/9、16/10~30/10


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