Wednesday, November 23, 2011

::Photo-a-day//travel:: [My first lonely planet - Lucca]

Piazza della Anfiteatro
Piazza della Anfiteatro
"The Piazza della Anfiteatro is a large circular piazza located in the north central region of Lucca.  It was once the site an ancient Roman Amphitheatre where gladiators and beasts engaged in mortal combat.  Today, the piazza is a popular tourist destination featuring outdoor restaurants and cafes."

More about  Piazza della Anfiteatro

It is the first place for me to start my Lonely Planet-journey.
After said goodbye to my friend in Pisa airport, I took the train to Lucca.
Actually I was not planning to go Lucca that day, but I found Florence is boring to me and wanna see somethings new, so I chose Lucca.
It is close to Pisa, however far from my hostel, and it was 6pm when I arrived there, so I only got 2-3 hours spent here. Not enough for me but it is fine.

It is a small town, with a city wall outside. The residents here go around by a bike or by foot, and they like to run along the path inside the citywall paved with the tree, it is a very pleasant town.

I will post more photos of Lucca in coming days, and my travelogue~

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